BLACK MASKHAIRRA – Covers Gray Hair on the Go – portable temporary Hair Dye


Introducing AHOSI MASKHAIRRA, a revolutionary portable, leave-in, temporary hair dye that allows you to effortlessly add vibrant color to your hair or cover gray hairs on the go. This non-toxic hair dye, contained in a convenient mascara tube, offers a hassle-free solution for achieving a bold hue without the need for rinsing. Simply remove the brush and apply the color to your hair for an instant transformation. Whether you desire a striking hair color or wish to conceal gray strands, AHOSI MASKHAIRRA is your go-to solution. Pop it in your purse and take it with you anywhere for quick and convenient touch-ups. Elevate your hair game with this portable temporary hair dye that promises ease of use and stunning result


MASK THAT GRAY HAIR WITH OUR MASKHAIRRA LEAVE IN HAIR COLOR. Pop in your purse, and take with you anywhere – PORTABLE. Another revolutionary product which enables you to cover your gray hairs on the go. It contains a natural hair dye inside a mascara tube. When you’re on the go and need to MASK OR cover gray hair, simple remove the brush and brush on the hair color to cover the gray hair. Voila and you’re done. There’s no need to rinse out.


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