WIG-SANI: Innovative product. Relieves discomfort of Wig wear, itchy scalp. Sanitizes, Refreshes, cleans, detangles Wigs, Hair Extensions, Braids, Weaves. Made with natural ingredients


Introducing WIG-SANI: The Ultimate Wig Sanitizer for Hair and Beauty Enthusiasts AHOSI Beauty, the renowned hair and beauty brand based in Orlando, Florida, presents WIG-SANI, the ultimate solution to sanitize and refresh your hair extensions and wigs. Made with safe, natural ingredients, this non-toxic wig sanitizer is perfect for health-conscious customers like you. With WIG-SANI, you can keep your cherished wigs and hair extensions clean and fresh easily and quickly. Whether you’ve donated or purchased them through national charities, our wig sanitizer will ensure that every strand is free from any impurities. Say goodbye to itchy scalp and wig discomfort, as WIG-SANI also provides relief from these common issues. At AHOSI Beauty, we understand the importance of using products that are not only effective but also safe for your hair and skin. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted WIG-SANI with natural ingredients, ensuring that you can confidently use it without worrying about any harmful chemicals. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the product itself. WIG-SANI is proudly made in the USA in Oregon and Dubai. We believe in providing our customers with the best possible products, and that includes maintaining strict manufacturing standards. Experience the difference of AHOSI Beauty’s Wig-Sani today. Bring life back to your wigs and hair extensions while keeping them clean, fresh, and comfortable. Trust in a brand that prioritizes your health and beauty needs. Choose WIG-SANI for a revitalizing wig experience like no other.



Discover the secret to keeping your wigs and hair extensions in pristine condition with Wig-Sani by AHOSI Beauty. Wig-Sani is not just a regular wig sanitizer; it’s a game-changer in the industry. With its unique formula, this non-toxic sanitizer effectively removes impurities from donated or purchased wigs without compromising their quality or causing any damage. You can trust Wig-Sani to bring out the best in your wigs while ensuring they are hygienic and refreshed. As a renowned hair and beauty brand based in Orlando, Florida, we understand the importance of safe, natural ingredients for health-conscious customers like you.

Are you tired of dealing with an itchy scalp or discomfort caused by wearing wigs? Look no further! Wig-Sani also provides relief from these common issues. Experience the comfort you deserve while flaunting your beautiful hairpieces.

At AHOSI Beauty, we take pride in our commitment to quality. That’s why Wig-Sani is meticulously made in both Oregon, USA, and Dubai, UAE. We believe that every customer deserves products they can trust.

Invest in your wig care routine with Wig-Sani by AHOSI Beauty today. Embrace confidence knowing that your wigs are clean, refreshed, and free from any impurities. Take control of your hair’s destiny with a brand that understands the importance of natural ingredients for healthy-looking hair.

A revolutionary new product developed in a natural lab used to sanitize, clean and refresh your wigs, hair extensions and even your natural hair. Contains natural and safe ingredients. Spray on sparingly instead of shampooing wigs and hair extensions. There’s no need to rinse. It’s that simple. SANITIZE. KILL GERMS. STOP SCALP ITCH. FRESHENS & STYLES WIGS, HAIR EXTENSIONS, AND YOUR SCALP.


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• Contains safe and natural ingredients. Relieves discomfort from wearing wigs. Spray around neck, hairline and ears before wearing wigs to relieve discomfort so you can comfortably wear your wigs all day!

• Will NOT damage wigs, hair extensions and your natural hair
• Kills Germs hence protects your hair, styles wigs/hair extensions

• Natural ingredients hence safe for all types of hair
• Sanitizes, freshens, & cleans wigs, hair extensions & your natural hair
• Use AHOSI Wig Sanitizer to sanitize, freshen & clean your wigs, & hair extensions in place of washing with shampoo which may cause them to crimp and frizz or damage quicker.
• Use our AHOSI Wig Sanitizer in place of shampooing your wigs & hair extensions. Saves you money because you can keep your wigs, & hair extensions for much longer.
• Kills Germs that may be lurking inside your wigs & hair extensions
• Steaming wigs and hair extensions is time consuming, but can also age or damage wigs and hair extensions. AHOSI WIG-SANI is a better replacement.
• AHOSI WIG-SANI was developed & formulated in a Lab that uses all organic and natural in the United States
• Just spray on wigs, hair extensions prior to use or whilst on your head.
• No need to rinse or comb out.
• Fresh & Shiny look
• Using AHOSI WIG-SANI will extend the life of your wigs & hair extensions hence saving you money.
• Spray on scalp to stop scalp itch


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